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Akashic Records’ Reading

A reading of your Akashic Records gives you the opportunity to consult your Book of Life

  where all the memories and choices of your Soul are contained.





I do Akashic Records’ reading in Italian, Spanish and English both face to face or on online.


I usually do face to face readings in Ibiza (Spain), Aosta Valley and Milan (Italy) and London (UK).

Otherwise I can do readings via Skype or Whatsapp. Through video calls readings are exactly the same as face to face. It’s important that throughout the session you to have a strong internet connection and you are in a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed.


My readings last for one and a half/two hours.


We start with a few minutes of mediation which will help you to  focus and relax.

Then, after giving the permission to open the Records, you can ask the Masters one or more questions, You ask them to give you clarity, advice and help in regards to anything you want to know.


The questions can be very specific, for example, personal and family problems, blocks, difficulties, complicated relationships, illnesses, repeated situations, traumas etc.


They can also be more general questions such as "Which are the aspects of me that I must improve? "Which are the things that I have yet to do to heal to evolve?” "Which things are limiting my Potential?" "What is the purpose of this incarnation of mine?"


The Masters, having access to our "Book of the Soul" respond through me, as a channel between them and the person asking for the Reading.


In addition to answering the questions, it could also happen that The Masters want to communicate to the person who is doing the reading other topics not specifically required


In any case, any information given is always, and only, for the greater

good of all people Involved. Nothing scary, harmful or that you are not

prepared to hear will ever be said.



The Masters will give clarity and awareness in relation to topics of this or

past lives yet to be healed and to the unconscious programs who work within

us and which have their roots in unsolved family matters.


The information and advice given by the Masters are full of love and compassion,

and our free will will always be respected whether or not we want to take

on board this advice.



There is no judgement as to what it is said. Every experience is perfect

exactly as it is. Everyone played the role that has been given to him.


In regards to the future, if it's true that in our Records is written a potential

future, this remains in fact, potential, and therefore liable to change, first of all from our free will.


Sometimes the Masters give us information about what could happen, but it’s important to understand that an Akashic reading it’s not a way to know the future rather a tool of deep awareness.


In addition to the actual information, the help of the Masters of Light takes place especially on an energetic level, and opens the portal of conscience and heart.


You can send the requested fee with a bank transfer, with Post Pay or Pay Pal.


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