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About Me

My name is Simona Cillario, I'm Italian, and I have lived between Ibiza (Spain) and Aosta Valley (Italy) for many years.


After Classical and literary studies, I worked as an Illustrator of children's books, painter and I’ve been teacher at the Sforzesco Castle School of Art in Milan.


I've always been interested in knowledge and personal growth but it was the Masters of Light who, after my first Akashic reading, revealed to me that the purpose of my life was to be a channel and to bring people information from superior consciousness with the aim of improving myself and help the collective growth.

I had already worked a lot on myself with long psychoanalysis and different types of therapies, to expand my conscience more and more towards spirituality. Only at that point, it became clear to me that the connection with the Akashic Records would have been the ideal tool to continue and examine in depth the knowledge of myself, heal the unsolved family issues and develop my own vocation to help people.


Learning to be a channel and an instrument at the Masters’ service, deeply changed my life and I found the centering I was seeking for quite some time.


I also studied Family Constellations, of which I am a facilitator. This is another wonderful instrument of profound conscience and healing which principles and methods enrich my Akashic readings


I channel daily for people who get in touch from all around the world. This is just my small contribution to the growth of mankind’s collective conscience. To help people who ask for it, to open their hearts, to accept, transform, forgive, heal and evolve.

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